Saints Alive

Rev. Dr. Robert F. McNamara was ordained a priest in 1936 and was Professor of Church History for over 40 years. He said weekend Masses at St. Salome for many years, and moved to St. Thomas the Apostle when he retired from teaching in 1980. These vignettes were published in the parish bulletin for over 28 years.

We cannot answer questions about his articles.

Aside from “Saints Alive” and many historical books, he wrote a series entitled “All God’s Children” in in the early-1980’s with reflections centering on the readings of the liturgical cycle. Visit Sunday Reflections to read these articles.

The first article:
What is a Saint?

Note Name Feast
Thrilled to be Christian St. Abercius 10/22
Unwilling Groom St. Abraham Kidunaia 3/16
Slavic Martyr St. Adalbert of Prague 4/23
Father of the Journeymen Bl. Adolf Kolping 12/4
St. Bernard of the North St. Aelred of Rievaulx 1/12
Protectors of the Scriptures SS. Agape, Chionia & Irene 2/15
Martyrs to Doctrine BB. Agathangelo and Cassian 8/7
Beloved but Unknown St. Agnes 1/21
Promoter of Franciscans St. Agnes of Bohemia 3/2
The Charcoal-Burner St. Alexander 8/11
Gentle St. Alice 6/15
A Light in the Forest St. Alice Kotowska 6/13
Pioneer School Sister Bl. Alix 10/22
Who are All Saints? 11/1
Enemy of Violence St. Almachius 1/1
Hurrying to Heaven St. Aloysius 6/21
Balkan Hero Bl. Aloysius Stepinac, Cardinal Martyr 2/10
“Martyr” to Red Tape St. Alphonsus 8/1
Saintly Widower St. Alphonsus Rodriguez 10/30
Generous Duke Bl. Amadeus IX 3/30
Governor, Prelate, Poet St. Ambrose 12/7
Priest Until Death St. Ambrose Barlow 9/11
American Saints
of the Salt-Marsh St. Ammon 10/4
Promoter of St. Joseph St. Andre Bessette 1/6
The First-Called St. Andrew 11/30
Counter-Reformer St. Andrew Avellino 11/10
"Twice Martyred" St. Andrew Bobola 5/21
Martyrs of Vietnam St. Andrew Dung-Lac and Martyrs 12/26
Guardians Angel Guardians 9/29, 10/2
Pioneer Teaching Sister St. Angela 1/27
Mystic with a Paintbrush Bl. Angelico of Fiesole 2/18
"Ziggy" Bl. Angelo of Acri 10/30
Housewife and Mystic Bl. Anna Maria Taigi 6/9
"God's Grandparents" SS. Anne and Joachim 7/26
Mother Whirlwind Bl. Anne Javouhey 7/15
Protector of Priests St. Anne Line 2/27
Pioneering Carmelite Bl. Anne of Saint Bartholomew 6/7
Apostle of the North St. Ansgar 2/3
Adult-Ed Bishop St. Anthony Claret 1/17
Shocked into Wisdom Bl. Anthony Grassi 12/18
Monastic Standard-bearer St. Anthony of Egypt 9/24
St. Anthony of Padua 6/13
Educating for Both Worlds Bl. Anton Martin Slomsek 9/24
Martyrs St. Apollonia and Friends 2/9
Pioneer Christian Couple SS. Aquila & Priscilla 7/8
Modern Missionary St. Arnold Janssen, SVD 1/15
Brother Failure Bl. Arnold Reche 10/23
Not Of This World St. Arsenius the Great 7/19
“Pillar of the Church” St. Athanasius 5/2
Double Death St. Augustina Pietrantoni, Martyr 11/13
"Primate of All England" St. Augustine of Canterbury 5/27
St. Augustine the Great 8/28
Baptismal Saints
“A Good Man” St. Barnabas 6/11
An Earlier Fr. Damien Bl. Bartholomew Buonpedoni 12/14
Satanist to Saint Bl. Bartholomew Longo 10/5
Patriarch of Western Monks St. Benedict 7/11
Monastic Leader St. Benedict Biscop 2/13
Born Black St. Benedict the Moor 4/4
Bridge Builder St. Benezet 4/14
Teaching Brother St. Benildus 8/13
The Welcome One Bl. Benvenuta 10/3
Humble Ambassador St. Bernadette 4/16
Glove of St. Bernard 8/20
Alpine Rescuer St. Bernard of Aosta 5/28
"Honey-sweet Teacher" St. Bernard of Clairvaux 8/20
Wonderworking Vet St. Bernard of Corleone 1/19
The Blood-wonder St. Bernardino Realino 7/3
Bl. Bernardino of the Pawn Shops 9/28
Preacher against Darkness Bl. Bertrand 9/6
Bishop and Martyr St. Blaise 2/2
Apostle of Germany St. Boniface, Martyr 6/5
Abbot and Voyager St. Brendan of Clonfert 5/16
Sweden's Gift St. Bridget 7/23
The Mary of the Gael St. Brigid of Kildare 2/1
Contemplative Bl. Bronislawa of Cracow 8/30
Austerity Personified St. Bruno the Carthusian 10/6
Bible Singer St. Caedmon 2/11
The English Carthusian Martyrs 6/15
and his Schoolkid Killers St. Cassian 8/13
Unjolly Saint St. Catharine of Genoa
Invisible Visionary St. Catherine Laboure 11/28
Bride of Christ St. Catherine de' Ricci 2/13
Popular Patroness St. Catherine of Alexandria 11/25
Mystic and Artist St. Catherine of Bologna 3/9
Divine Theologian St. Catherine of Siena 4/29
Gypsy Martyr Bl. Ceferino Jimenez 8/9
Catholic Reformer St. Charles 11/4
Head of State Bl. Charles the Good 3/2
Servant of Lady Poverty St. Clare of Assisi 8/11
Bl. Claretian Martyrs of Barbastro 8/13
Servant of the Sacred Heart St. Claud 2/15
SS. Peter and Paul's Associate St. Clement I 11/23
Patron of Vienna St. Clement Mary Hofbauer, CSsR 3/15
The Pains of Queenship St. Clotilda of France 6/3
Scotland's Glory St. Columba of Iona 11/23
Dove of Perugia Bl. Columba of Rieti 5/20
Erin's Greatest Missionary St. Columban 11/23
Professor with a Halo Bl. Contardo Ferrini 10/27
Sister Cinderella St. Crescentia 4/5
Valiant Woman St. Crispina, Martyr 12/5
Dowager Empress St. Cunegund 3/3
Gem of Nigeria Bl. Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi 1/20
"Lambs to the Slaughter" Bl. Cyril Tejedor and Company 10/9
Champion of the Mother of God St. Cyril of Alexandria 6/27
Custodian of the Saints Pope St. Damasus I 12/11
“Leper Priest” St. Damien de Veuster, SSCC 4/15
Stylite St. Daniel 12/11
Savant and Missionary St. Daniel Comboni 10/10
Wales' Patron St. David 3/1
"I Die for Religion" St. David Lewis, SJ 8/27
Irish Martyrs Bl. Dermot O'Hurley and Companions
The Good Thief St. Dismas 3/25
Hound of God St. Dominic 8/8
Teenage Saint St. Dominic Savio 5/6
St. Dominic of the Causeway 5/12
Seer of Eternity St. Drithelm 8/17
Subtle Thinker Bl. Duns Scotus 11/7
Patroness of the Mentally Sick St. Dympna 5/1
Scholar and Martyr St. Edith Stein 8/9
Diamond of England St. Edmund Campion 12/1
Educator of Youth Bl. Edmund Ignatius Rice 5/5
Twice tested Bl. Edward Waterson 12/1
Gentle King St. Edward the Confessor 1/7
Silversmith-Bishop St. Eligius 2/5
Kin of Our Lord SS. Elizabeth and Zachary 9/27
Thoroughly American St. Elizabeth Ann Seton 11/5
Battered Wife Bl. Elizabeth Canori Mora
Sweden's Second St. Bridget Bl. Elizabeth Hesselblad 11/17
Franciscan Princess St. Elizabeth of Hungary 7/4
Peacemaker St. Elizabeth of Portugal 1/4
Faithful Couple St. Elzear, Bl. Delphina 9/19
The Outspoken St. Emily 6/17
No Easy Life St. Emily de Vialar 11/7
Unlikely Saint St. Engelbert of Cologne 6/9
Harp of the Spirit St. Ephrem 6/23
St. Etheldreda (Audrey)
"Faithful to Christ" Bl. Eugene Bossilkov, Martyr 5/20
Ahead of His Time St. Eugene de Mazenod 8/2
Martyr Without Bloodshed St. Eusebius of Vercelli
Roman Divorcee St. Fabiola, Benefactress 12/27
The Obedient One Bl. Felix of Nicosia 6/1
Happy in Christ St. Felix of Nola 1/14
Patron of Hostages Bl. Ferdinand 6/5
Fictionalized Saints
Lenten Saint St. Fina 3/12
Heavenly Firefighter St. Florian of Lorch, Martyr 5/4
Mother of Immigrants St. Frances Cabrini 11/13
Saint of the Pots and Pans Bl. Frances Nisch 5/8
Mother and Mystic St. Frances of Rome 3/9
Saint for Sinners St. Francis Borgia 10/10
Patron of Italian Cooks St. Francis Caracciolo 6/4
Troubadour Friar St. Francis Solano 7/13
Missionary Supreme St. Francis Xavier 12/3
Shepherd to the Emigrant Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos, CSsR 10/11
St. Francis and the Christmas Crib
Canada's First Shepherd St. Francis de Laval 6/22
Gentle Apostle St. Francis de Sales 1/24
Apostle to Street People St. Francis diGirolamo SJ
The "Little Poor Man" St. Francis of Assisi 10/4
Brother Minimal St. Francis of Paola 4/2
The Saint of Sansellas Bl. Francisca Cirer
Representative Layman Bl. Frederic Ozanam 9/9
Apostle of Ethiopia St. Frumentius 10/27
Ethiopian Bl. Gabra Michael 8/28
Gunslinging Ascetic? St. Gabriel Possenti
Apostolate of Pain St. Gemma Galgani 4/11
Actor St. Genesius 8/25
Protector of Paris St. Genevieve 1/3
Saint on Crutches St. Genoveffa Torres
Ecumenical martyrs Bl. George Haydock and Companions 5/4
"Weakness is strength" Bl. George Napper, Martyr 11/9
Dragon-Slayer? St. George, Martyr 4/23
"Perfect Lay Brother" St. Gerard Majella, CSsR 10/16
The Lion of St. Gerasimus 3/5
Defender of Grace St. Germain of Auxerre 7/31
"St. Cinderella" St. Germaine Cousin 6/15
Holland Beguine Bl. Gertrude of Delft 1/6
United to Christ St. Gertrude the Great 11/16
Pro-Life Mother St. Gianna Beretta Molla 4/28
English Monastic Founder St. Gilbert 2/16
Our Knight of the Round Table Bl. Giles 4/23
St. Giles the Legendary 9/1
St. Gobain and Company
Late Bloomer St. Godric of Finchale 5/21
Martyr of Christian Unity Bl. Gomidas 11/5
Armenia's "Illuminator" St. Gregory Ashtishat 9/30
A Great Pope St. Gregory I 9/3
Exiled for Justice Pope St. Gregory VII 5/25
Wonderworker St. Gregory of Caesarea 11/17
Honorary Rochesterian Bl. Grimoaldo 11/18
Blind Abbot St. Harvey 6/17
"Noblesse Oblige" St. Hedwig of Silesia 10/16
Roman Empress St. Helen 8/18
Emperor St. Henry 7/13
Priest of the Plague St. Henry Morse 2/1
Outstanding Catechist St. Henry de Osso 1/27
Mary's “Other Spouse” St. Herman Joseph 4/7
Bl. Hermann the Disabled
“Oh for Peace and Quiet” St. Hilarion
Teaching Abbess St. Hilda of Whitby 11/17
The Incomparable St. Hildegard of Bingen 9/17
You're a Good Man St. Homobonus 11/13
Shaped by Adversity Bl. Honoratus, OFMCap 1/16
The Stag with the Crucifix St. Hubert The Hunter 11/3
Great St. Hugh
Saint's Dancing Sister Bl. Humbeline 2/12
Through Heaven's Back Door St. Hyacintha Mariscotti 1/30
Apostolic Witness St. Ignatius of Antioch 10/17
The Cardinal and the Duce Bl. Ildefonso Schuster 8/30
Abbot in Wales St. Illtud 11/6
Bl. Indians of Mexico
Pioneer Theologian St. Irenaeus of Lyons 6/28
Martyred in New York State St. Isaac Jogues, SJ 10/19
Black Holiness Bl. Isidore Bakanja, Martyr 8/15
Educator of the Middle Ages St. Isidore of Seville 4/4
St. Isidore the Farmer
St. Ita of Killeedy 1/15
Honorable Attorney St. Ivo of Kermartin 5/19
Penitent and Poet Bl. Jacopone da Todi 12/25
Leader of a Nation Queen St. Jadwiga of Poland 10/16
Bookseller for Christ Bl. James Duckett 4/19
Martyrs of the Eucharist BB. James Sales, William Saultemouche 2/7
Measuring Up Bl. James of Lodi 4/18
Top-Flight Apostle St. James the Greater 7/25
French Mother Seton St. Jane Chantal 8/18
Veil or Crown? Bl. Jane of Portugal 5/12
Annulled St. Jane of Valois (Joan of France) 2/4
Miracle St. Januarius of the Miracle 9/19
Japan's Blessed Martyrs 6/1, 9/10
Blessed Japanese Martyrs 9/8
"Spoiler" of the Poor St. Jeanne Jugan 8/30
"Through the Mercy of God" St. Joan Antide Thouret 8/24
Friend of Prisoners Bl. Joan de Maille 11/6
True Symbol of France St. Joan of Arc 5/30
Saint's Mother Bl. Joan of Aza 8/2
Defender of Sacred Images St. Joannicius 11/4
Model Educator St. John B de la Salle 4/7
Patron of Altarboys St. John Berchmans 11/26
Apostle of Street-boys St. John Bosco 1/31
Professor-Saint St. John Cantius 12/23
Defender of Icons St. John Damascene 12/4
Cardinal and Saint Bl. John Dominici 6/10
Apostle of the Sacred Hearts St. John Eudes 8/19
One-man Reformation St. John F. Regis 12/31
Bishop of Rochester St. John Fisher 6/22
A Second St. Francis St. John Joseph of the Cross 3/5
Pipe-smoking Martyr St. John Kemble 8/22
Colleague of Martin de Porres St. John Masias 10/3
Rochester's St. John Neumann 1/5
Scottish Shepherd St. John Ogilvie 3/10
In the Steps of the Master St. John Perboyre, CM 9/11
Martyr to the Seal St. John Sarkander 3/17
Death for Priesthood St. John Southworth 6/28
"Father of the Emigrants" Bl. John V Scalabrini
Unlikely Shepherd St. John Vianney 8/4
Giant Among the Hurons St. John de Brebeuf 10/19
Guru and Martyr St. John de Britto 2/4
Statesman, Reformer, Crusader St. John of Capistrano 10/23
Nurse to the World St. John of God 3/8
BB. John of Perugia and Peter of Sassoferrato 9/3
Straight from the Shoulder St. John of Sahagun 6/12
Doctor of Prayer St. John of the Cross (John Yepes) 12/14
Friend of Compassion St. John the Almsgiver 1/23
Simplicity Itself St. John the Dwarf 10/17
Bl. John the Sinner
Brilliant and Wise Bl. Jordan, OP 2/13
Martyr for Church Unity St. Josaphat 11/12
The Man Nearest to Christ St. Joseph 3/19
God Will Provide St. Joseph Cottolengo 4/30
Holy Medic St. Joseph Moscati 11/16
Restorer of the Jesuits St. Joseph Pignatelli 11/14
Cardinal Saint St. Joseph Tomasi
Fact and Fancy St. Joseph of Arimathea 3/17
Holy Nuisance St. Joseph of Cupertino 9/18
St. Joseph of Shandong, SVD 1/28
"Fortunate" Slave St. Josephine Bakhita 2/8
Wise Anchoress Bl. Julian of Norwich 5/13
Eucharistic Champion St. Juliana 2/16
"All for the Good God" St. Julie Billiart 4/8
Californian St. Junipero Serra 7/1
Seeker and Martyr St. Justin 6/1
Medic in Pilgrimage SS. Justus and Pastor 8/6
Killed in the Line of Duty Bl. Juvenal 9/12
Crushed by the Swastika BB. Karl Leisner and Bernhard Lichtenberg 8/12
Mother of U.S. Minorities St. Katharine Drexel 3/3
Celtic Missionary St. Kenneth of Aghaboe 10/11
The "Well-begotten" St. Kevin 6/3
St. Kieran and His Dun Cow 9/9
Colleague of St. Patrick St. Kieran of Saigher 3/5
Hero of Poland Bl. Ladislaus 5/11
Her Mother's Ransomer Bl. Laura Vicuna 1/22
Deacon and Martyr St. Lawrence 8/10
Defender of Ireland St. Lawrence O'Toole 11/14
Champion of the Incarnation Pope St. Leo the Great 11/10
Spiritual Reviver St. Leonard 11/26
"I Shall be Waiting for You" St. Leopold of Castelnovo 7/30
Pioneer Missionary St. Lioba 9/22
Half-American St. Louis Bertrand 10/9
Without Fear or Reproach King St. Louis IX 8/25
Saint's Husband Bl. Louis of Thuringia 9/11
Our Lady's "Slave" St. Louis-Mary of Montfort 4/28
A Princess Who Cared Bl. Louisa 3/15
Bearer of Light St. Lucy 12/13
Holy Schoolmarm St. Lucy Filippini 3/25
Bl. Ludovic and His Boys 4/1
Bearing Others' Crosses Bl. Lydwine 4/14
Falsely charged St. Macarius, Hermit 1/19
"Big Sister" St. Macrina the Younger 7/19
"Pious counter-revolutionaries" Bl. Madeleine and Companions 6/27
Bright Mirror St. Malachy of Armagh 11/3
Pure of Heart St. Malchus 10/21
Hero of Catholic Action Bl. Marcel Callo
I Will Not Soldier St. Marcellus the Centurion 10/30
First Lady of Scotland St. Margaret 6/10
Housewife and Heroine St. Margaret Clitherow 10/21
Herald of the Sacred Heart St. Margaret Mary 11/16
Royal Martyr Bl. Margaret Pole 5/28
Handicapped! Bl. Margaret of Castello 4/13
Unwed Mother St. Margaret of Cortona 2/22
Canadian Pioneer St. Marguerite Bourgeoys 1/19
"Limitless Charity" St. Marguerite d'Youville 12/23
Media Missionary Bl. Maria Ledochowska 7/6
"Lily of Quito" St. Mariana Paredes 5/26
Gifted Penman Bl. Marianus Scotus 12/22
Saint of Forgiveness St. Marie Thevenet
Father of a Nation St. Maro of Cyr 2/9
Black and Beautiful St. Martin de Porres 11/3
Glory of Gaul St. Martin of Tours 11/11
Spain's Jewels Bl. Martyrs of Almeria 11/16
Martyrs of Damascus 7/10
Martyrs of Montril
Martyrs of September 1792 9/2
Witnesses in Our Day Martyrs of Thailand
Reluctant Beasts and Martyrs of Tyre 2/20
Black Heroes Martyrs of Uganda 6/3
Diplomat St. Maruthas 12/4
Good Shepherdess St. Mary Euphrasia 4/24
Typical Australian St. Mary MacKillop
St. Mary Magdalen Postel 7/16
Suffering with Christ St. Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi 5/25
First Witness St. Mary Magdalene 7/22
Don Bosco's Lieutenant St. Mary Mazzarello 5/14
Nursing Nun St. Mary Soledad 10/11
The Melodrama of Bl. Mary Teresa 10/20
Constantly Caring St. Mary di Rosa 12/15
Sanctuary Lamp Bl. Mary of Oignies 6/23
Experienced Saint Bl. Mary of Pisa 1/28
Like Incense Bl. Mary of Turin
Valiant One Bl. Mary of the Incarnation 4/30
Mary the Mother of God 1/1
Missionary of the Mountains Bl. Maurice Tornay 8/12
Conscientious objector St. Maximilian 3/12
Glory of Auschwitz St. Maximilian Kolbe 8/14
Through the Needle's Eye St. Melania, Jr 12/31
St. Michael the Archangel 9/29
For Christ the King Bl. Miguel Pro, SJ 11/23
The Brawny Black St. Moses 2/7
Scottish Pioneer St. Mungo 1/14
"Good for Nothing" St. Mutien-Marie 1/30
The Passionist Martyrs of Spain Bl. Niceforo and Companions
Carpenter and Martyr St. Nicholas Owen
Statesman-Hermit St. Nicholas of Fluee
Alias Santa Claus St. Nicholas of Myra 12/6
Scientist-Saint Bl. Niels Stensen
Martyr for the Pope Bl. Noel Pinot 2/21
Radiant Matron St. Nonna 8/5
The St. Zita of Tyrol St. Notburga 9/14
"Poet Without Equal" Bl. Notker Balbulus 4/6
The Blind See St. Odilia 12/13
St. Odilo of the Poor Souls 1/1
Gospeller En Route Bl. Odoric 2/3
An Irish Glory St. Oliver Plunket 7/11
Model for Widows St. Olympias 12/17
Devout King St. Oswald, Martyr 8/9
"God, not Hitler" BB. Otto Neururer, Jakob Gapp, SM 8/13
Our Lady of Lourdes 2/11
Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows 9/15
Our Lady of the Rosary 10/7
Shepherd of Barcelona St. Pacian 3/9
Stigmatist St. Padre Pio 6/16
Man of Few Words St. Pambo 7/18
Easter Saint St. Paschal Baylon 5/17
Apostle of Erin St. Patrick 3/17
The First Hermit St. Paul 1/15
Japan's First Martyrs St. Paul Miki and Companions 2/6
Hermit and Apostle St. Paul of the Cross 10/19
St. Paul the Simple 3/7
Feast of Saint Paul's Conversion 1/25
Pioneer Nun St. Paula, Widow 1/26
Brazilian Treasure Bl. Pauline Visintainer 7/9
Boy-Martyr St. Pelagius of Cordova 6/26
Patron of Cancer Patients St. Peregrine 5/1
Flowers of Martyrdom SS. Perpetua and Felicity 3/7
The Holy Apostles SS. Peter and Paul 6/29
Renovating the Faith St. Peter Canisius 12/21
The Pope who Resigned St. Peter Celestine V 5/19
Saint of the Slaves St. Peter Claver 9/9
Servant of the Eucharist St. Peter Eyrnard 8/2
Early Ecumenist St. Peter Faber 8/2
Doge to Hermit St. Peter Orseolo 1/10
Young Man in a Quandary Bl. Peter of Luxemburg 7/5
Runaway Archbishop St. Peter of Tarentalse 9/14
The Chains of St. Peter the Apostle 8/1
“Strong and True” Bl. Peter to Rot, Martyr
Apostles SS. Philip and James 5/3
Imprisoned to Death St. Philip Howard 10/25
Reformer and Wit St. Philip Neri 5/26
A Toast to Martyrdom Bl. Philip Powel 6/30
Defenders of the Word St. Philip of Heracleca and Companions 1/22
Gardener and Martyr St. Phocas 7/14
Twentieth-Century Man Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati 7/4
Rosary Pope Pope St. Pius V 4/30
Renewing in Christ Pope St. Pius X 8/21
Apostolic Martyr St. Polycarp of Smyma 2/23
Powerful Empress St. Pulcheria 9/10
Preacher to the Last St. Quirinus 6/4
Majestic Queen St. Radegund 8/13
Fugitive Bishop St. Rafael Guizar 6/6
Saint for the Pushed-around St. Rafaela Porras 1/6
Forgiving Victim St. Ralph Sherwin 12/1
Quixotic Martyr Bl. Ramon Lull 6/30
Patron of Polish-Lithuanian Independence St. Raphael Kalinowski, OCD 11/19
Saint's Aide and Advisor Bl. Raymond of Capua 10/5
"Sister Resoluta" Bl. Restituta Kafka 3/30
Schoolmaster Martyr St. Richard Gwynn 10/25
"Beloved Physician" St. Richard Pampuri 5/1
Defender of the Church St. Richard of Chichester 4/3
Patroness of the Impossible St. Rita 5/22
Defender of the Faith St. Robert Bellarmine 9/17
Poet and Martyr St. Robert Southwell, SJ 2/21
Healer of Plague St. Roche 8/16
The Unkindest Cut SS. Roderick and Solomon 3/13
Bishop through Jest Bl. Roger LeFort 3/1
Hermitess St. Rosalia of Palermo 9/4
Frontier Nun St. Rose Philippine Duchesne 11/18
Flower of the New World St. Rose of Lima 8/23
Political" Saint St. Rose of Viterbo 3/6
Prophet against Hitler Bl. Rupert Mayer, SJ 11/3
Across the River St. Sabas the Goth 4/12
Pastor and Martyr Bl. Salvator Lilli, OFM 11/22
Twice Dead? St. Salvius 10/28
Defenders of the Holy Books SS. Saturninus and Companions 4/16
Founder of the Serbian Church St. Sava 1/14
Sister-Saint St. Scholastica of Nursia 2/10
Mexican St. Francis Bl. Sebastian 2/25
Outstanding Russian St. Sergius of Radonezh 9/25
Haloed Beggar St. Servulus 12/23
Modern Hermit St. Sharbel 12/24
Holy Aerial Martyr St. Simeon Stylite 1/5
Glory in the highest St. Simeon Stylite II 9/3
Traveling Hermit St. Simeon of Syracuse 6/1
No Idle Word St. Sisoes 7/6
Slain in a Cemetery Pope St. Sixtus II, Martyr 8/6
Slain by the Boxers 7/8
Shepherd, Husband, Bishop St. Spiridion 12/14
Civilizers Ss. Roque and Companions 11/17
Battered Bride St.Godeleva 7/6
Brief Calvary St. Stanislaus Kostka 11/13
St. Stanislaus of Cracow 4/11
Protomartyr St. Stephen the Deacon 12/26
Defender of Icons St. Stephen the Younger, Martyr 11/28
Eucharistic Minister St. Tarsicius 8/15
Chile's Own St. Teresa de Los Andes 7/13
Mystic and Manager St. Teresa of Avila 10/15
Crowned by Frustration Bl. Thaddaeus MacCarthy 10/24
Purged of Sin St. Thais 10/8
“Always Faithful” The 25 Mexican Martyrs
Deep Freeze or Warm Bath? The 40 Martyrs 3/10
Guilt by Association The Dorchester Martyrs
The Fourteen Holy Helpers
Guillotined For Christ The French Nuns
The Holy Innocents 12/28
The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ 12/25
“Let us die defending our faith.” Bl. Theodore G. Romzha, Bishop and Martyr 11/1
Hoosier Foundress St. Theodore Guerin, SP 10/3
The Mass First St. Theotonius 2/18
Constant in Faith St. Therese Couderc 9/26
Child of God St. Therese of Lisieux 10/1
"Angelic Doctor" St. Thomas Aquinas 1/28
“That the Church Be Free” St. Thomas Becket 12/29
Timid Martyr, Hearty Martyr SS. Thomas Reynolds and Alban Roe 1/21
St. Thomas the Apostle 7/3
Icelandic Shepherd St. Thorlak 12/23
American Shepherd St. Toribio 3/23
With Soft Word St. Ubald of Gubbio 5/16
Young Peacemaker Bl. Ursulina of Parma
Ursuline Martyrs of Valenciennes 10/17
Troubadour Bishop St. Venantius Fortunatus 12/14
The Tears of Bl. Veronica 1/13
Calvary in the Heart St. Veronica Giuliani 7/9
Schoolmarm and Martyr Bl. Victoria Diez
Widow and Nun Bl. Victoria Fornari-Strata
Easter Martyr Bl. Vilmos Apor, Bishop
Champion of Unity St. Vincent Ferrer 4/5
Rome's Later Apostle St. Vincent Pallotti 1/22
Giving His All St. Vincent Strambi 9/25
Spain's Glorious Martyr St. Vincent, Deacon 1/22
Mother to Working Girls St. Vincentia Lopez 12/26
Christianizer of Russia St. Vladimir of Kiev 7/15
Missionary and Scholar St. Walburga 2/25
The "Good King" St. Wenceslaus of Bohemia 9/28
"of Perkinsville" St. Wendel 10/21
Recluse St. Wiborada 5/2
St. Willibrord's "Dancing Saints" St. Willibrord 11/7
Welsh Healer St. Winefride 11/3
Reformer St. Wolfgang 10/31
“The Smiling Saint” St. Zeno of Verona
Patron for Home-makers St. Zita 4/27